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Welcome to Rekai LLP - Corporate Immigration - Canada, United States and around the Globe. Rekai LLP is a full-service business immigration law firm. We specialize in meeting the needs of local, national and international companies sending employees across borders. We also assist individuals with all their temporary and permanent immigration needs.

Since 1985 Rekai LLP has assisted a variety of resource enterprises, construction and engineering companies, manufacturers, sports and entertainment companies, law firms, industry associations, educational and health institutions, small businesses and individuals with a full complement of immigration law advice and services.

In a world of business mobility, national borders cannot become obstacles to the efficient delivery of skills and services. Our task is to lower walls and open gates. At Rekai LLP we get people to where they are needed.

We combine extensive Canadian and US Immigration law expertise with a Global Mobility service. We can now offer our clients immediate and seamless access to an international network of immigration practitioners – allowing world-wide business migration.

Rekai LLP helps businesses expand and careers flourish.